Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., took part in the kickoff meeting of the Fighting Corruption – Expanding the Union project.

The central points of the TPM were defining internal partnership agreements and found allocation in accordance to the expense evaluations prepared by each partner for every activity they will be involved in. The consortium formed a steering committee, which will also set up the communication and management procedures. The consortium also prepared a more detailed dissemination strategy and detailed evaluation plans for activities and the project as such on local, national, regional and EU levels. The preliminary selection of mobility participants was presented and discussed. The initial drafts of the toolkit (currently researched best practices, working methods and youth activation strategies) were presented to partners, who evaluated and supplement the drafts after the TPM.

Fighting Corruption is an Erasmus+ project, which will host following activities: two transnational project meetings (this meeting and the closing ceremony in September 2020), three mobilities of youth workers (Maribor, Slovenia in June 2019, Niš, Serbia in September or October 2019 and Sarajevo, BiH in March 2020) and one youth exchange (Berane).