Durres, Albania

24 – 27 October 2021

Fighting corruption – expanding the Union is a project which aims to introduce youth to the negative long-term effects of corruption, which continues to be one of the main destabilizing factors of included countries. In this project we have addressed corruption both in public and private sector, as well as whistleblowing, which continues to be a very controversial topic.

This project aims to prevent corruption among the youth and thus contributing to the faster inclusion of these countries in the EU.

1. Laura Xhaxhiu – Moderator – Executive Director at Open Doors Albania organization

2. Presentation of Erasmus + Project “Fighting Corruption – Expanding the Union” –Matej Tisaj, EPEKA -SLOVENIA

3. Head of the Anticorruption Unite at the Albanian Ministry of Justice (TBC)

4. Ms. Rovena Sulstarova – Engagement of the Albanian Civil Society in fight against Corruption – Governance Program Manager form the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM)

5. The role of Investigative Media in fighting against corruption – Ms. Valbona Kurti, Redactor in Chief of “STOP” TV Show – Zoom

6. Corruption and Public Procurement in time of pandemic – Bojan Stancevic, Bosnia & Hercegovina

7. Erion Muca – Presentation of good practices on fight against corruptions from Marin Barleti

8. Corruption Situation in Kosovo and the Report of the European Union – Arber Jashari, journalist at EXPRESS Media group, Pristina, Kosovo