3 June 2021
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Day 4 of the TC “Fighting corruption – Expanding the Union” was filled with wonderful emotions thanks to our wonderful guest Irina Lovrić, “Bosnian Erin Brokovich”.
Irina is the first legally protected whistleblower in B&H. Did you know that Irina is also the only person who has received the written support of European Commissioner Johannes Hahn? She celebrated 8th of March 2019 (Women's day) by sending a letter to the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, in which she wrote a significant text about her fight against corruption. Irina ended her presentation with a message to never give up on your mission for the greater good.
Her quote of the day: “Every person has the duty to make his life and the life of others better. Never give up on pursuing justice, be persistent! Corruption is one of the biggest monsters and fighting it is one of the hardest things to do.”
In the second session, the participants did a flashmob in the city center. That way they presented the problem of corruption in a very interesting and creative way.  They managed to get the attention of our citizens who found this topic extremely interesting and who were happy to share their opinions and experiences with us.